Wassage, water massage

The soft massage of the water

The community Wassage

The aquatic community of the Wassage is a group of operators and naturopathy instructors that share the social and emotional development in therapy and wellness scope through the method of massage in thermal water.

You and the community of Wassage you are and you will be one thing. This is the truth, the most extraordinary portal of your life. To enter a world fluid made up of fragments of emotion.
Enter the community of Wassage is like a mysterious and explosive initiation, you can crush the ego and be part of a greater community, like a drop that it is confused with the ocean, like a fragment that it melts in all, a spark in the big bonfire or as a grain of sand in the unlimited desert.


The ethical code of the community Wassage

1. a member of the community of wassage is brought to help the whole group and the objectives of the whole group.

2. All the group will make the interests of the individual and the individual will the interests of the group.

3. the member of the wassage community will try to bring the harmony of the wassage in their lives and in the lives of all who are around him, at work, at home, at school, everywhere.

4. Wassage community member is like a father for the nature and like a mother for humans. Respect the ecosystem of the universe and love relationships with others, encouraging a steady expansion of love