The first three levels of WASSAGE

a new way to make water massage

The Wassage not only massage , meditation is not only in water or water gymnastics or yoga . in fact it is nothing of this : the wassage is sweetness and depth of the soul , in a common element in all of which we are all born into this lake and it is wonderful that we have to abandon the thermal pool and be carried away . The wassage consists of six levels , the first three levels of the Training Courses are designed in various forms to become an expert practitioner , a wassager in effect .

Each level is designed in a weekend , in a natural environment and possibly in thermal water . The first level includes a series of dives acquatic , first maneuvers in the water and the first explorations of the mind on the water and on land . respirations and initiations therapeutic water that make it more fluid and more powerful the true inner teacher that is latent in all of us .

The second level of wassage , opens unexplored horizons , as well as in-depth technical and maneuvers of the dissolution of the spine , and repositioning chakra energy , provides the coordinates for listening . today do not listen , we tend to want to talk , to overpower the other not to hear but rather to make us feel . The wassager have to learn to be quiet and listen inside out , to perceive the universe speaks , the magic of the body screaming in silence , gestures and forms that tell the inner contents that the word could never verbalize .

The third level is wassage creativity . It lets draw a geography of uncoordinated and ungrammatical wassager together with tutor , only to find their own inner wassage , rid the invisible master and tell everyone about your own level of wassage in total immersion in water with techniques also apnea and immersion fluid creative and immersion in ways .

Along these levels open channels , meridians , chakras . receiving reiki initiations , are baptized auras , you travel unexplored paths of the unconscious , they will retrace steps of ancestral experiences .

Do not call it only wassage , not only as you see before the usual advertising brochure . the wassage is more than you think , is the way to the power of life . and ' real and true expression of naturopathy to find your potential and latent secret .


  1. membership wassage
  2. first level wassage : the basics of fluid water massage
  3. second level wassage : listening and opening the chakras in water
  4. third level wassage : the secret of creativity in water

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