WASSAGE Instructor

dedicated energy water

It 'a course that of wassage magic, not just massage in thermal water with gentle maneuvers and symphonic releases from stress and tension. is a method that teaches how to listen to each other and themselves, it is a lifestyle that teaches a way that ethics is like water: the wu-wei. do not act, effortless action.

The instructor will learn to be wassage TAO, (does not have to be part of a school of naturopathy, but at least have the mentality holistic) like water flowing aimlessly, and that following winding paths still always comes to the origin : the ocean. The instructor wassage can create their groups in all parts of Europe, the mark of wassage and be supported at both the advertising and graphics both in administration and management by our office for the organization of Courses and conferences on wassage. the instructor can write articles, give Courses and form study groups, write books and produce websites or blogs.

The art of wassage flow in the deep veins of an instructor from the first moment when you dive in the water and it was first time that water will talk the language of poetry and secret. Who comprises the water is already an instructor, the rest is just bureaucracy.