Wassage, water massage

The soft massage of the water

Six weekends of Health and Higher Training

the course of WASSAGE is the soft massage in spa water. It consists of six levels. the first three to become operator wassage and immediately start giving wassage in pools and spas authorized and features from wassage center. the last three to become an instructor where you learn the basics of first aid in the water, the energy, the relational psychological models in water Winnicott, relational models of Boldy, and many other relational techniques in water and games to unlock and release the emotions the body of tension. It is used a lot in the field of naturopathy to perCourses stress and rebalance emotional and energetic.

Most mother Courses will be held in Ischia, usually in summer, in thermal pools reserved to us throughout the weekend.

Every weekend will cost only 100 € + hotel expenses and use of the pool with room and board which typically are around 80 Euros. at the end of each course you will receive educational materials and a certificate of participation with a card that will give a license to be able to perform wassage authorized facilities in Europe.

The Courses, the third level on will have the opportunity to be accredited with license CONI through CSEN. so that the instructor will have a license in effect recognized also in sports in order to be accredited in gyms equipped with swimming pools, spas, spas, medical facilities and paramedical with pools for rehabilitation idrochinesioterapica.


June 20th to 21th 2009 - Ischia (first-level)

June 27th to 28th 2009 - Ischia

July 11th to 12th 2009 - Ischia

July 18th to 19th 2009 - Ischia

November 14th to 15th 2009 - Caserta

April 10th to 11th 2010 - Sicily