Wassage, water massage

The soft massage of the water

A day of wassage in Casamicciola, Ischia

All around there is nothing …….. Suspended as in a bubble of silence……Ischia, Casamicciola, in the mounting . You can also believe to stay in a Bed and Breakfast of the Switzerland , but with the sea. A fluid element that starts from your eyes and it doesn’t finished any more. It is placed for over every understanding vision. In an only sky line and sea they are united to give life to an ancient panorama, a palpable present, a future without end.

The course is called Wassage, water massage, and it has all the air of a publicity idea , of the usual course of massage in water with syrupy sweetenings New age……instead you have to live it in that moment. It lasts two long days of intensive emotion, but up there the time doesn’t count , the life is stopped many centuries ago on that island , you enter old and go out younger. All is like suspended on a silk thread, beautified by panoramas and perfumes that sing the joys in the heart and lull the soul in the water.

The water is the extraordinary element , it is able to conduct you slowly back in the time, when you are a child, to your childhood, until in your mother ‘s womb………..and still more back in past lives with clear memories , limpid as they are happenings happened the other yesterday.

Wassage: it doesn’t is a course, is an alien experience. Every ones immersed in thermal gallons of water, hot therapeutic smokes, breathing a cobalt blue deep like the sleep. At the beginning you believe the it is a crazy cage, after you feel a fluid emotion inside, as a life shock that keeps form in something that you don’t recognize yet. After just the first hour, you really think to stay in Switzerland, and somebody has also put the sea over there, designed there because of the author of this beautiful breathtaking panorama . A picture of a landscape where for the first time, immersed in the fluid watercolor, there are you too .

It is a sensation without end, you start in a hood of fluid amniotic , lulled by a friend or by a mother embrace, and you feel on yourself that fluent swing for a week. You bring it inside, you bring it on yourself, as it is a prized and ancient perfume , and you transmit it to other people as a pleasant contact of love. It is a holy dip in the amniotic liquid, a regression to the Origins, where the life started, where every problem is suspended , each pathology is resolved……. That one of the Wassage is a place where everything happens , also to reborn to a new and intensive life, passing by the never end river of the emotion.

They taught to me that the water amplifies potent emotions and that it hide forces brings to the light. Although, just when you are there, immersed in that Ischia Switzerland, in that mother and thermal womb, that you notice to be really part of all, but of an all that really works.

Testimonies of these beautiful days of Wassage, the silence heights of the island, the thermal water that flow in the veins of mother Earth , the thousands colored orchids , the cobalt blue and limpid sky. Then there is it , the undisputed protagonist of this story, the Water, limpid, crystalline, sky color, light blue glass of sweet , hot and enveloping water.

With the Wassage you bring at home a piece of world, that sweet swish of the wind on the water until inside the ears, until inside the heart. A sensation that resets the reality. It loads you to of a new and unknown energy , but even before the daily swallows you in its grip and the time devours your dreams, you have left a clear and precise certainty: that sooner or later, that magic place, between the waters of crystal, in those caressing hugs, sooner or later, you will need to return. Because it is as if your body were born to be in the pampering fluid, as if your soul had existed to be enraptured by the enchantment of the group meditation. For starters the Wassage, sooner or later, he knows that he will return to the water, like a fish in the beginning, as the chaos to silence, in two days of an Ischitana Switzerland that never ends, and continues in your life forever.

The Wassage - water massage, it is not the usual massage in hot water. It is meditation, family constellations in a bath of primordial waters, singing and colors, therapy and relax, reiki and emotional massage. All in the name of a well laid out and standard path that leads to the degree of awareness of the aquatic communities as high as possible.

Through Wassage you get emotional movements that on the land could not be obtained in a short times, the water amplifies every emotion and swells until it exploded in joy, liberation, weeping and sweetness. The massage in hot water also allows the operator of wassage to make joint excursions more broad..
The instructor course is indicated to operators of wellness, naturopathic, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, and all health and paramedical professionals. While the actual massage, is indicated for all those who want to get into a world of relax, dreams, beauty, relying on water and the expert hands of an operator who will treat the person for about an hour and more, making her sleep in the arms of the hot and healthy waters.

Article by Dr. Luigi Di Vaia published also on Oltre, the Italian magazine of Naturopathy